In 2017, CRF raised over $50,000 in grant money through our fundraising events. The three organizations we helped were Outside the Box Dropout Prevention, Breakthrough, and Child, Inc. We also raised money for The Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship benefitting students entering the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Each year with the help of our board members, we will select three different organizations to partner with.


After a 13-year career in the NFL, former Texas Longhorn Cory Redding hung up his cleats to pursue his interests in education, business, and philanthropy. With only 18 hours remaining to earn a degree in Learning and Applied Development, Redding re-enrolled at UT in the fall of 2016 and received his degree from the College of Education. He spends time greeting guests at Redd’s Barbershop, which the entrepreneur opened in 2013, and mentoring the scholarship recipients of the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship, which the couple personally funded in 2012. Redding is currently an analyst on The Longhorn Network along with Ricky Williams and Emmanuel Acho and Lowell Galindo.

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Annually, Cory invites some of his closest current and former NFL friends to help host the 3D camp for 200-plus youth.

Past guests include the following:

  • Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts;
  • Brandon McKinney, Indianapolis Colts;
  • Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens;
  • Shaun Rogers, New York Giants;
  • Tony Hills, Denver Broncos;
  • Lamarr Houston, Oakland Raiders;
  • Jonathan Scott, Pittsburgh Steelers;
  • Kasey Studdard, Houston Texans;
  • Roy Williams, Chicago Bears;
  • Donnie Avery, Indianapolis Colts
  • and more



The Cory Redding Foundation was established to support quality educational, recreational, and community assistance programs that promote the development of at-risk programs.


Cory Redding UT Hall of Honor Speech

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Being a part of The Cory Redding Football Camp is amazing. It means so much to be to able to volunteer. I have only sold t-shirts but even doing that for the last two years has been great, I get to see all the kids have fun and its open to little girls and boys. I get to meet most of the parents and they are just excited as we are to be there and apart of something so amazing. For someone like Cory Redding (being in the NFL) to take time out and give back with a day of fun, learning and skill training is wonderful and it doesn't cost a lot.

Natasha Green

Being involved with the registration process of Cory's camp each year reminds me just how precious life is. In the blink of an eye, too many of our youth are being lost to wrong choices or even death, but Cory and the men who participate in the camp, not only share their knowledge of football, but the time spent speaking life into the campers is invaluable. The larger blessing is that throughout the year, I see the campers as well as their parents and hear great feedback. The impact of the camp is priceless. Charlotte Jackson, Camp Registration Manager

Charlotte Jackson

It's always great to come back to Houston and Cory's camp was icing on the cake. Great energy and lots of fun!

Andrew Luck

This is the third year we have done the Cory Redding Football Camp and we love it. This camp is perfect for this community. There are a lot of kids who don’t have fathers here, there are a lot of kids who are looking for something to do in the summer to get the skills they need for football so for this camp to come out to this community every year and offer that to the youth is just great. It’s phenomenal. Tracy Elam, Camper Mother

Tracy Elam

It’s not just about football, it’s about life and just trying to develop young men into grown men.

Shaun Rogers